As offices go paperless, printer sales decline

December 13, 2012

As more offices continue to use tablets and computers when sharing information, many companies have seen printer sales decline, and statistics show that overall printer usage has declined as well.

While some people may prefer paper documents to digital, the number of people buying printers is on the decline – and not expected to turn around. One engineer told the San Jose Mercury News that his business prints 90 percent less than in the past, instead relying primarily on emails. While this is less printing than compared to a typical business – Gartner, found businesses are printing 50 percent less than in 2005 – the idea of printers becoming altogether obsolete is becoming more possible with the growth of paperless office systems.

Tablet sales show a replacement of computers

These changing office supply trends can be felt globally, as International Data found that the global shipment of printers fell by 26 percent since last quarter, and stocks in Hewlett Packard- which makes both computers and printers – have seen a similar decline as consumers make the switch from both printing and personal computers to tablets. Tablet sales have also been increasing in recent years, as many consumers prefer a more portable device, according to the Los Angeles Times.

While many businesses still use some level of paper documents, trends in printer sales show that information continues to be moved to digital platforms. As developments in tablets and digital platforms replace developments in printer technology, businesses may find moving toward a paperless office system will allow an easier transition to the digital age. For companies with high volumes of paper files and documents, scanning services can allow an efficient and organized move.