Document Scanning

Multiple Document Scanning Services in Chicago

How a Document Scanning Company Helps

Finding the document you need, when you need it, in a manual filing system is not easy or efficient. Employees waste a lot of time searching though filing cabinets, archive boxes, file folders and other collections of paper documents — and may still be unable to find the document. Your workers have better things to do!

Converting paper documents into digital files increases productivity, decreases the amount of office space required and improves workflow by facilitating document sharing. Now that you’ve decided to go digital, have you considered managing document imaging in-house? The resources required and the need to constantly upgrade equipment may be detrimental to your bottom line. To get a high-quality document management solution without devoting significant resources to the endeavor, turn to Tab Service Company, an industry leader since 1960.

Whether you have ongoing scanning requirements or a large back-file of records to convert into an electronic archive, Tab Service Company has the staff and superior document imaging solutions to transform piles upon piles of paper folders in boxes and filing cabinets into fully indexed, searchable and retrievable electronic records.

Start-to-Finish Document Scanning Process

Converting and indexing documents transforms raw information into usable knowledge. We quickly scan and convert large volumes of paper documents into digitized files and send the output directly to your server for immediate access and/or sharing. Our process includes the following steps:  

  1. Perform a needs analysis based on information about the documents to be scanned and the client’s desired results.
  2. Prepare documents for scanning using the process that is determined to be most effective for the client.
  3. Scan the documents using our array of state-of-the-art scanning and imaging equipment.
  4. Index documents to make them easily accessible and searchable.

Our production document scanning services include:

  • All image formats including TIFF, PDF and JPEG
  • Automated indexing through barcode and OCR
  • Full-text OCR indexing
  • Manual indexing with key entry and verification
  • Complete services including color and black-and-white options

Why Choose Our Bulk Document Scanning Services?

Tab Service Company converts your paper into an electronic archive, ensuring that everything you need is stored securely and that retrieving your files is quick and easy. Documents that were once hard to find are now easily located on your desktop, while indexing makes finding the precise information you need simple.

Our unmatched attention to detail, application of document security features and compliance with disaster recovery standards ensure secure and accurate output for every client. Our use of new and emerging document scanning services guarantees that the right tool is always applied correctly. Tab Service Company boasts a track record of success that makes us a leading document scanning company.