Medical Document Scanning Services

Electronic Medical Record Scanning

Medical Document Scanning Services in Chicago, IL

Paper documents generated by patient records, resident training and attending credentials, and insurance forms must be securely filed and quickly retrieved. The sheer amount of paper means that some documents may be misplaced, resulting in a time-consuming effort to locate them.

Scanning medical records into a digital database is the optimal solution. Tab Service Company uses digital imaging equipment that not only digitizes hard records but also effectively captures data from paper forms in compatible formats so information is quickly and easily uploaded into popular Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems.

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Benefits of Outsourced E-Medical Record Scanning

  • Saves thousands of hours to upload data
  • Bolsters safety by reducing errors
  • Lowers cost of billing and filing claims
  • Allows physicians to focus on mission-critical tasks
  • Improves the patient experience by allowing doctors to track data over time and identify patients who are due for preventive care

Why Choose Our Medical Record Scanning Services?

Tab Service Company offers a broad range of medical document scanning services, including:

  • Document scanning and indexing
  • On-demand document management system
  • Data capture for EMR system uploads
  • Data entry for non-fixed field forms
  • Secure document storage
  • Phone and email technical support
  • Secure document destruction


You no longer need to deal with the pressure of medical record management alone. Contact Tab Service Company today to discuss options for streamlining and digitizing your medical records system. With over 60 years of medical record scanning experience, we are ready to improve your productivity and ease stress related to medical records. Our processing environment is HIPAA compliant and our staff is HIPAA trained.

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