Paper Survey Services

Simplifying the Paper Survey Process

Comprehensive Paper Survey Services

While many surveys are conducted online today, not all surveys can be done electronically. Access to computers and email addresses may not be available to all the respondents you hope to reach.

Rest assured that if your project requires reaching people by paper survey, Tab Service Company is here for you. We provide a range of services to help you complete your paper survey projects:

  1. Survey setup and design using advanced questionnaire and form design services.
  2. Printing and mailing services, including full-color printing, custom envelope design and cost-effective mailing services.
  3. Survey scanning services via advanced optimal mark recognition (OMR), optical character recognition (OCR) and intelligent character recognition (ICR) techniques.
  4. Survey data entry services by professional, fast and accurate manual data entry operators. Output formats are offered for popular software packages, including SPSS, Microsoft Excel and SAS.
  5. Comment coding and entry involve gleaning information from open-ended comments. We work with you to develop response-coding categories and train our staff to ensure you get the best information from these types of survey responses.
  6. Statistical reporting is provided in the form of presentation-quality reports that include frequency analyses, cross tabulations and more.

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Why Choose Our Paper Survey Services?

We understand that printing and distributing paper surveys can be a logistical nightmare, especially for an organization that does not work with surveys on a regular basis. Need assistance? Tab Service Company designs, prints, distributes and analyzes large volumes of paper surveys at competitive prices. We are the ideal partner for any organization seeking expert document scanning, survey processing and survey data management — at an affordable price.

Need Help Keeping Tabs on Your Data and Documents?

Tab Service Company is your one-stop shop for back-office processing and data collection needs.