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Education Document Management

If you’re in charge of running an educational institution, then you’re likely always looking for new ways to ensure that things are run as smoothly as possible. An increasing number of colleges and universities are opting to outsource education document management services, and for a good reason.

Education document management services are able to streamline the entire process of managing documents for colleges, which takes a great strain off colleges and their employees. It can take an immense amount of stress off those in charge of running colleges and universities, as well as instructors, office staff, and other employees.

Employees will have less work to do pertaining to the management of files, which frees them up to work on other pertinent tasks.

Colleges, regardless of how large or small they might be, can quickly accumulate an enormous amount of documents in short periods of time. Student records, financial aid and admissions applications, and nearly unlimited amounts of other important documents must be properly stored.

Proper storage entails maintaining them in secure areas, as a majority of college documents contain sensitive information, including students’ social security numbers and other private and protected information. If you fail to keep this information secure, then you could face fines, charges, and potentially even lawsuits.

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Benefits of Outsourced College/University Data Management

Education document management can completely eliminate the need to physically store files, as everything is maintained digitally. This ensures security, as all the documents are password protected. No one is perfect, and working in a college or university can become quite busy and stressful at times.

Working in a stressful environment can increase the probability of a mistake being made. Even the most innocent mistake could end up costing a college or university a lot of money, so it’s best to prevent potential mistakes from being made in the first place.

Tab Service Company prides itself on making life easier for all its clients, especially colleges and universities, who are enabling people to earn degrees and transcend in life. Here are some ways that colleges and universities can benefit from outsourcing management of their documents:

  • Safeguard all sensitive files – Digital management of educational documents ensures the safety and security of all sensitive files. Only you and any employees that you appoint will have access to all school-related documents. This will ensure that you adhere to all the rules pertaining to the security of student information.
  • Save time – It can take an immense amount of time to locate important documents when you need them right away. Searching through piles and piles of files can be time-consuming and sometimes nearly impossible, but digital retrieval of any file is immediate with a document management service. All you have to do is enter your credentials and secure password, and you’ve got immediate access to all the files that you need.
  • Helps protect the environment – By enabling you to reduce the amount of paper you use, you can do your share to protect the environment. Of course, you will continue to use your fair share of paper when necessary, but education document management will dramatically reduce the amount of paper usage.
  • Improved organization – With the abundance of documents that most colleges and universities must use, it can make it challenging to remain organized. Disorganization is conducive to frustration, wasted time, and it simply creates a poor environment to work in. By taking advantage of education document management services, disorganization will quickly become a thing of the past, as all your documents will be neatly and accurately filed in an online database, so you can retrieve any information you like, at any time.
  • Improved accuracy – It’s easy for a person to make an error when managing documents manually, and one error can make a huge difference when it comes to a college or university. An error can make the difference between a student being accepted to a university and being rejected, depending on the circumstances. Digital management of your delicate documents can minimize the likelihood of an error occurring to nearly 1% or less, which can give you peace of mind.

How Our Service Can Help  You

  • Data is uploaded to the ECM that connects the entire campus.
  • A single records depository eliminates data redundancies.
  • Centrally stored student records keep workflow moving.
  • Digital documents are easy to store, retrieve, search and share.
  • Automated data processing improves productivity.
  • Digital lessons/texts save students time and money.
  • 1099 and 1098-T tax processing services get forms to the IRS and into students’ hands securely and on time.

Document Management Solutions for Higher Education

Tab Service Company provides services to institutions of higher learning to help them improve efficiency and reduce costs. There is no need for colleges and universities to hire staff to perform tasks that a BPO company — one with specialized equipment and personnel — performs better and faster and at a lower cost. Printing and mailing, document and student records scanning, data capture and forms processing, and tax form processing are ideal candidates for outsourcing.

How do managed data and document services help? Digitized, accurate and centralized data helps those in charge make informed decisions regarding class sizes and offerings as well as the number of employees and professors required on campus per semester.

Scanning services reduce the amount (and cost) of paper generated, decrease the amount of space required to store documents, and facilitate the sharing of information beyond department doors. And survey data processing lets you assess your students’ and faculty members’ satisfaction with various programs.

Why Choose Tab Service Company?

With the latest equipment and professional expertise, Tab Service Company scans documents and processes data quickly and accurately, and we will upload directly to your system, helping you create a centralized data bank.

We understand the need for security, and we ensure that privacy settings are in place to safeguard student records. We work with you to control access to various documents and data. We also help you stay compliant with relevant industry regulations, including the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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