Law Firm Document Management Solutions

Document Management for Law Firms and Lawyers

Law Firm Document Management Solutions

Tab Service Company understands what law firms need, which is why we offer specific litigation scanning and support services in addition to our more general forms processing and document scanning services. We help lawyers manage their paperwork by scanning and indexing paper documents, and converting them into searchable, sharable digital formats. Conversion increases productivity by eliminating the time required to search not only for documents but also for relevant passages as well.

We also offer a Bates stamping service to mark documents with your company name, logo and copyright information, and to automatically number pages. Plus, our expert team interfaces with popular legal platforms such as Concordance and Summation, so when we finish digitizing your discovery and other documents, we are able to upload the files directly into your system.

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Benefits of Outsourced Document Scanning for Law Firms

  • Convenient document storage saves time and space.
  • Documents are easily retrieved, searched and shared.
  • Digital documents are securely stored and transmitted.
  • Duplication of documents is much reduced.
  • Access is limited to those your firm chooses.

Why Choose Tab Service Company?

When you’re ready to digitize your discovery files, evidentiary documents, due diligence records or boilerplate documents, look no further than Tab Service Company. Our team works quickly — without sacrificing image quality. We undertake all legal projects in accordance with the relevant security and compliance standards, so you can rest assured that any documents you entrust to us are handled confidentially.

Legal Document Management

When it comes to legal matters and transactions, the details are highly important. It is important that proper procedures be followed and that proper records be kept. Even closed cases can be reopened, and important information may need to be retrieved at any time. In a busy law office, it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of everything in-house. Attempting to do so can divide the attention of attorneys, paralegals, and other legal staff. File systems can become individualized, and it can be challenging to keep consistent tracking of documents within the firm, and that can be problematic. One way to get around any possible confusion and free up your firm’s resources to keep your clients satisfied is to outsource legal document management to Tab Service Company.

Tab Service Company provides document management services in the legal, education, and healthcare industries. While all these industries differ, they are tied together because of their strong devotion to client privacy and meticulous recordkeeping. At Tab Service Company, we are dedicated to providing services that will allow your firm to deliver the best possible outcomes for your clients.

Digitize Legal Records

Anyone who has spent time working in a law office knows that there are forms and documents for almost everything, and there are specific rules on how long documents need to be kept, and exact rules on when something can be destroyed. While some documents need to have a paper copy accessible, it is most efficient to keep digital copies that are easily accessible to whoever needs them. Documents can be digitized by scanning them and assigning different levels of access in order to retain privacy and compliance within your firm. By storing documents securely in the cloud, they remain accessible even if your firm’s physical location becomes compromised for any reason.

Digitizing legal records help keep everyone in your firm on the same page, using a single system, and keeps your communication and professionalism with your clients at its best. 

Secure Document Destruction

Whether you have extra copies of a document, or you’ve reached a point where a document can be safely destroyed, it is still important that the information on your legal documents stays protected. In the wrong hands, it can lead to problems such as fraud or identity theft. But even if nothing “bad” happens, it is still important to maintain your clients’ privacy. That’s why Tab Service Company is not only dedicated to assuring that documents can be retrieved when needed, we also make sure they can’t be retrieved when they are no longer needed, with secure document destruction. 

Improve Your Firm’s File Access

Whether you have a trial or hearing scheduled, or you just need to meet with a client or witness, the last thing you want is to show up unprepared. When you need access to a file, there isn’t time to do detective work to try and figure out where that document is, or who handled it last. Having a strong legal document management system in place assures that the right people can access and edit documents as needed and that they will be accessible when needed. 

As each document is scanned, great attention is paid to quality, readability, and compliance standards, assuring that those who need to see and review documents can do so easily and efficiently, and those without the proper security clearance cannot. 

At Tab Service Company, we are dedicated to maintaining both our own reputation and yours. We hold SOC2/SOC3 Certification, and we are independently audited each year by a CPA firm and undergo additional testing by an information company. We are held accountable for our security, processing integrity, and confidentiality measures, and no information is shared without a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement in place. By putting ourselves through the auditing process, not only helps give our clients peace of mind when it comes to our own level of honesty and integrity, but it also helps protect against hacking or other data breaches.

To learn more about how our services can best help you serve your clients and staff in your firm, contact us at Tab Service Company in Chicago, IL at 312-527-4306 to arrange a consultation.

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