Digital Mailroom

Virtual Mailroom Services During COVID-19

Digital Mailroom Solutions to Continue Business-as-Usual

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced non-essential business employees to work from home. However, many job duties cannot be fulfilled remotely. Tab Service Company is partnering with companies in the Chicago area to mitigate the obstacles caused by our shelter-in-place orders.

Retrieving, sorting and distributing an organization’s mail are among the tasks that cannot be accomplished from home. That’s why we created a digital mailroom outsourcing service that allows you to continue to perform your important mail-related work, albeit in a different format.

How do outsourced mailroom services work? Your mail is picked up at your building and brought to Tab Service Company. We open envelopes, sort, scan and index all paper documents. The now-digitized documents are delivered to the right recipients electronically. After receiving a link to the digital copy of each mail piece, employees decide whether to retrieve, save, forward or delete the document.

Our digital mailroom automation service includes:

  • Picking up office mail on a daily basis
  • Opening mail with a high-speed envelope slitter
  • Sorting/categorizing documents
  • Creating custom digital workflows
  • Scanning/digitizing paper documents
  • Performing Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Uploading documents and data directly to the client’s network or FTP


Benefits of Our Virtual Mailroom Services

  • Mail is not left sitting outside your office.
  • Important documents are accessible from anywhere.
  • OCR technology allows a quick search of contents.
  • Documents are easily shared, increasing collaboration.
  • A record is created of every piece of mail.
  • Visibility is provided into the types of mail received.
  • Security and privacy protocols are customized for each client.
  • Fewer paper documents free up office space.
  • Mailroom storage is free for 30 days.

Why Choose Tab Service Company?

We began providing digital mailroom services in 2020 to assist companies during the pandemic, and this concept is working extremely well. Tab Service Company already had the skilled personnel and advanced equipment, so taking on this new solution was an easy decision. We are proud to be able to help organizations and businesses during this unprecedented time.

Tab Service Company undergoes an SSAE18/SOC2 audit every year to ensure we have the proper controls and management functions in place to ensure processing integrity, confidentiality and security. The latest report will be provided upon request. To obtain this report and/or to learn how we will support your remote workforce, get in touch today.

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