Organization Business Process Outsourcing in Chicago, IL

BPO Solutions for a Range of Industries


Private Medical Facilities

Our business process outsourcing services allow private medical facilities to remain compliant with healthcare privacy and laws and reduce internal operating costs. With services that include data entry, medical data management services, and printing and mailing, our robust offerings let staff members spend more time focused on better patient care instead of handling paperwork.


Paperwork for retail businesses takes away from the work needed to determine customer needs and meet them. With business processes outsourcing, we can conduct surveys of customers and analyze the data to allow for retail changes that address customer concerns. Our other services include document management, tax forms processing, and e-filing to ease the work of managing retail stores.


Our publisher industry BPO services remove tedious office tasks from staff, such as online tax filing, form capture, printing and mailing, and document scanning. A digital mailroom converts incoming paper mail to email, allowing for mail sorting from anywhere with email access. With outsourced business processes, those within the publishing industry can cut internal operating costs incurred from paperwork.

Insurance Agencies

Insurance agencies handle copious amounts of information for their customers. Among all the options for business process outsourcing companies, Tab Service Company ensures secure document management and data handling. Our independent audit reports reflect our process integrity and data security, both vital when handling information in the insurance industry.

Transportation Companies

The transportation industry forms the backbone of the supply chain. Paperwork should not slow the pace of operations. With many transportation businesses using both paperwork and digital data in their operations, managing data becomes a full-time task. Customized solutions for those in the transportation industry include document management, document scanning, data processing, and much more. These services permit transportation companies to reduce in-office operating costs while still benefiting from secure office processes.

National Associations

National associations have data from members across the country. Our services facilitate handling this information and much more. We provide national associations with insurance and legal document management, survey processing, data collection from forms and data entry, printing and mailing, and even e-filing taxes. Services, such as our student file management system, designed to handle large amounts of individual data securely, work well for national associations and similarly populated organizations. Our secure processes come backed by third-party conducted audits. National organizations and associations can rely on our services that meet the highest standards for data handling and security.

Mortgage Industry

Handing financial documents requires processes that ensure data security. We take all necessary measures to reduce the risk of hacking. Our experts maintain confidentiality and process integrity for the highest level of data security. Mortgage companies leveraging our business process outsourcing services, such as document management, save on internal operating costs while maintaining the data integrity that their industry demands.


Banks and other financial institutions have several regulations to meet when handling customer data. Our BPO services for financial institutions include secure data entry, digital mailrooms, printing and mailing, and document scanning. We use our suite of services to create a secure, trustworthy package of customized services specifically for banks and other financial institutions. By implementing frequent, thorough audits of our processes, we can ensure that banks and other financial institutions using our services have their financial information protected and secured.


Non-profits do not typically have a lot of overhead to spend. By choosing business process outsourcing, non-profit groups save money on office operations. Our secure services meet regulatory requirements for keeping data safe and protected. Non-profits can benefit from our document management, data entry, form processing, survey creation and analysis, and digital mailrooms. We even handle time-consuming printing and mailing for non-profits to make meeting tight budgets easier while freeing staff to do more important work.

Investment Firms

Investment firms gain assistance from our professional team of financial document processors. Our confidentiality and data security measures ensure that all processes meet financial regulatory requirements. We use secure processes for data capture and form processing and financial data entry to save investment firms time and money on handling internal paperwork and similar general business processes.

Government Agencies

Maintaining data security and information integrity is vital to government agencies. Our BPO services have their integrity backed up by annual SOC2 audits and regular penetration /vulnerability testing. These reports attest to our reliability of controls we have in place surrounding data protection. Our document management systems for law firms are equally secure for use by government agencies that have similar requirements for protecting the privacy of the information as those in the legal industry. Government agencies use our powerful suite of business process outsourcing services to maintain budget constraints and compliance with data protection requirements.

Business Process Outsourcing for Your Organization

While the industries listed above comprise the bulk of our clients, our services are not limited to those types of organizations. In fact, we work with consultants, investment firms, retailers, publishers, national associations, insurance agencies, transportation companies, accountants, non-profits, hospitals, private medical practices, banks and so many others — in addition to law firms, health insurance companies, and colleges and universities.

If you don’t see your industry at the top of this page but believe you could benefit from our services, please contact us. Chances are, we’ve worked with businesses just like yours — and we’re happy to help you, too!