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For the past 20 years, Tab Service Company has been a leading source of 1099 services for all types of companies. Our clients stay compliant, reduce administrative costs, and know that the job is getting done correctly and on time. Our web-based 1099 e-filing and forms management system brings the power of securely managing the year-end process right to your desktop.

We are registered with the IRS Magnetic and Media Filing program and IRS FIRE (Filing Information Returns Electronically) program.

Overview of TSC1099 System Features

TSC1099 is our convenient online application that deals specifically with IRS 1099 form processing. It offers the following advantages:

  • Excel, ASCII text and other data formats accepted
  • Secure web server available 24/7
  • Electronic presentment of 1099 tax forms
  • Ability to reprint 1099 forms from your desktop
  • Real-time updating and correction processing
  • Post-filing corrections sent automatically to the IRS
  • Powerful search functions
  • Transaction history and prior-year historical data available
  • Ability to email 1099 forms to recipients
  • Free technical support via telephone

Our Easy-to-Use Four-Step Process

  1. You gather payee information and then upload payee data into the TSC1099 web system. We reformat the data and create a preview.
  2. You review the print-and-mail preview and the box totals report. If everything is accurate, choose “approve.”
  3. We print, seal and distribute tax forms via First Class Mail. You create, delete or update forms, then view/print from your desktop.
  4. Tab Service Company e-files on your behalf before the March 31st deadline. Post-filing corrections in the web system are transmitted directly to the IRS.

Learn more about TSC1099 processing services at www.ts1099.com

Why Choose Tab Service Company?

We developed our TSC1099 system with the end user in mind. Unlike other 1099 processing services, with Tab Service Company there is no software to purchase, install and learn, so you can stop worrying about updating your software to reflect the latest IRS rules and regulations. Our 1099 outsourcing services comply with the latest tax rules and regulations, saving you time and money compared with desktop tax form processing software solutions that require manual updates.

We handle everything from data conversion to printing, mailing and e-filing, and guarantee that every deadline is met. Many offices are not set up for processing a large volume of forms, so the filing season tends to disrupt business. Save your organization time, money and stress during tax season by switching to TSC1099, our convenient online application that specifically handles IRS 1099 form processing.

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