1098-T Tax Form Processing & E-Filing

Complete 1098-T Outsourcing Solution

1098-T E-Filing and Forms Management

If your educational institution is searching for a better way to deliver 1098-Ts to students and comply with federal government reporting regulations, consider Tab Service Company’s comprehensive outsourcing solutions.

For many schools, 1098-T processing involves consolidating data and education documents from multiple systems, keeping up with IRS rules, solving software issues and managing a variety of other problems that occur each year. Tab Service Company offers a full range of 1098-T services that eases our clients’ technical and administrative burdens while enhancing their customer service capabilities.

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Overview of TSC1098-T System Features

TSC1098-T is our convenient web-based solution for 1098-T processing and compliance. It offers the following advantages:

  • Secure web server available 24/7
  • No need to purchase or update software
  • Electronic presentment of 1098-T tax forms
  • Ability to reprint 1098-T forms from your desktop
  • Complete 1098-T e-filing to the IRS
  • Real-time updating and correction processing
  • Post-filing corrections sent automatically to IRS
  • Availability of prior-year historical data
  • Ability to email 1098-T forms to students and parents
  • Free technical support via telephone

A Brief Look at How Our Process Works

Printing and Mailing Option:

  1. After you submit your tax data file, we generate a mail-run proof, which you review and approve online.
  2. We print the proof using pressure seal forms that reduce costs and protect students’ sensitive personal information.
  3. We apply relevant postal discounts to provide you with the lowest possible costs, then mail your printed 1098-T forms on time.


E-Filing Option:

  1. We offer 1098-T e-filing to the IRS via secure, web-based e-filing software.
  2. After the initial e-filing, you get unlimited e-filing additions and corrections.
  3. We archive seven years’ worth of data for your protection.
  4. Students securely access their forms online in lieu of printing and mailing.

Learn more about 1098-T processing services at https://www.ts1098t.com/

Why Choose Tab Service Company?

Our TSC1098-T cloud-based system is secure, easy to use and cost-effective. Unlike competitors’ services, Tab Service Company owns and updates its relevant software, so you don’t have to buy, install or learn to use it on your own. Our data center has all the resources needed to manage the entire 1098-T processing cycle — securely, compliantly and on time.

Tab Service Company works with numerous educational institutions nationwide that enjoy working with a single service provider for all their 1098-T processing, reporting and support needs. Our clients value our services because they help them get through the 1098-T process with ease, while reducing their administrative load and increasing their cost efficiency.

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