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Survey Data Processing Services

Customer surveys in are becoming more popular as well as useful as companies attempt to pinpoint what their customers want and need from their products and services. Depending on feedback from surveys, companies can determine whether continued production of a certain product or service will be cost-effective, or if it is time to go in another direction.

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Still, a lot goes into both preparing surveys and analyzing the data they provide. The results from one survey may influence the questions asked on the next, and all this information needs to be tracked and processed to assure that it is useful.

Doing this within the company can sometimes lead to biased interpretation, and it can take up time for marketing professionals and product developers that would be better spent coming up with innovative ideas that will contribute to long-term sales and render better profits.

By outsourcing survey data processing services, much of the busy work is taken away from survey processing, leading to more efficient use of time management, and greater customer satisfaction.

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Benefits of Survey Data Processing Services

  • Less time
  • Saving money
  • Productivity
  • Better customer experience
  • Valuable information
  • Accurate analysis

In many ways, surveys can be expensive to organize and operate. If they are done in the mail, there are additional costs associated with paper usage and postage. Telephone surveys require employees to ask questions over the phone, often after a customer service call, which can delay their ability to provide timely service to the next person who needs it.

Some companies make the choice to adjust to an online survey model, which can reduce immediate costs, but often also means losing the nuance provided by the other survey methods. Ultimately, the type of survey that is conducted will depend heavily upon the scenario or situation that is being evaluated, how timely information needs to be processed, and how granular the investigation needs to be.

Survey data processing services allow for immense reductions of the costs associated with the collection and evaluation of the data that is collected via mail, phone, and in-person surveys. These allow companies and organizations to commit more of their funding, time, and employees, to getting as much information as they can on the front end, so that when all of the information has been processed, they have a much more clear and accurate analysis.

Industries that Need Survey Data Processing Services

If your company has a product or service to sell or promote, chances are it can benefit from the feedback provided in a survey. Surveys have led to the widening of the market for toy companies, electronics, food services, cell service, and more. A survey can identify the current perceptions of customers, and show what is missing that keeps a product from appealing to a different demographic.

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Lego, for example, was a company that originally appealed mostly to boys, but by using survey data, they have expanded product development to appeal specifically to girls, to become a toy that embraces gender-neutral play. They also have specific product lines that appeal to adults with more challenging instructions and more integrated designs.

Electronic assistants have become popular for many, helping with organization and entertainment, and making life easier. When devices are asked questions, however, it is important that they know as many answers as possible. Surveys help identify what people need and expect from these devices, so they are as useful as possible.

Fast food menu options are another area that has been tackled by surveys. McDonald’s, for example, set out to gain information through market surveys to identify what items were received the best, the best place to run their ads, and how much they could charge for their menu items.

It also identified some questions customers had about quality and gave the restaurant an opportunity to shine a light on quality when it came to their meat patties and chicken nuggets. It also led them to expand food choices to include healthier options, such as apple slices and milk, rather than always defaulting to soda.

Attitudes about staying healthy and how we interact with the world change frequently. Ideas that were assumed as normal and okay ten years ago are challenged today. It is important to keep a balance in order to serve those who want to hold onto nostalgia and those who are looking to participate in options that are more cutting-edge and innovative. Having a neutral company look at survey information and provide important analysis leads to better choices for the next steps and continued growth.

Outsource Your Survey Data Processing to Us

We understand that managers need to gather data about their markets, customers and products so they can make informed decisions and future plans. Toward that end, Tab Service Company provides end-to-end survey and market research support, including survey data collection, survey data entry/capture and survey data analysis services.

Market research, customer or product satisfaction surveys — virtually all data collection projects — require a robust data processing framework that cost-effectively adjusts to meet the needs of a particular organization at any given time. That’s why many businesses turn to third-party survey processing companies like ours.

Our survey experts assist you in every project phase, from working with you on the development, design and setup of the survey to printing and mailing paper surveys, providing recommendations and methods for analyzing the responses, performing manual or automated data capture, and creating presentation-quality reports with statistics, cross-tabs and more.

We have the expertise, experience and ability to manage all types of quantitative and qualitative surveys, including:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Market surveys
  • Product surveys
  • Brand surveys
  • Fulfillment surveys
  • Workforce/job satisfaction surveys
  • Salesforce surveys
  • Education surveys
  • Exit interview surveys

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Are you considering conducting a large-volume survey campaign? Would you like assistance with survey design and management? Do you need to aggregate the results of a paper-based survey into an electronic data file? Tab Service Company offers a comprehensive suite of state-of-the-art tools to help you accomplish all your objectives!

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