Medical Data Management Solutions

Healthcare Data and Document Management

Medical Data Management Solutions

Tab Service Company, a healthcare BPO company, offers a range of business process outsourcing services to healthcare providers and related industries to increase their workflow productivity and efficiency. We have the knowledge, experience and flexibility to plan and implement your healthcare records management projects in alignment with your organizational goals.

Our healthcare services include document scanning and imaging, patient satisfaction survey processing, forms processing, data capture, digital mailroom and more. These services increase productivity by making information easy to store, access and share, saving you time, money and even office space. We digitize and index patient files, medical records, billing-related documents, insurance forms and more.

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Benefits of Outsourced Healthcare Data Processing

  • Important information is organized and easy to use.
  • Digitization ensures security of sensitive documents.
  • High volumes of documents are scanned quickly.
  • Professional data processing is quick and accurate.
  • Equipment produces the highest quality resolution.
  • Wide format document processing is easily handled.

Healthcare Document Management

Healthcare is one of the busiest industries, and it touches all of us in one way or another. Everyone in a health care organization has an important job to do, whether they are working with insurance companies on billing issues, drawing blood in the lab, part of the custodial staff, or are a nurse or physician. But the healthcare field isn’t just about taking care of patients. It’s about taking care of the paperwork, and there can be plenty of it.

The care of a patient can be passed to many different people, and health histories can often be complex. The information about a patient is also sensitive. Those who need to know need to be able to rely on getting the access they need to patient records. At the same time, those records need to be protected from falling on eyes that do not need to know in order to preserve HIPPA compliance. One way to keep an efficient healthcare document management system is to outsource the service with a digital service.

How Healthcare Document Management Can Help You

Staying on the Same Page

Having a healthcare document management system in place can make life much easier for everyone involved, and it helps to keep everyone on the same page. When health care professionals try to handle all their record-keeping on their own, they run the risk of rushing their documentation in order to get back to the more hands-on parts of their jobs.

When that happens, there can be different systems used, and it can lead to important information being difficult to find when it is needed. This can result in outcomes like denials from insurance or the failure to implement a prescribed treatment, or even a miscommunication, such as what allergies a patient may have.

Patient Information Access

Anyone who needs information about a patient should be able to get to that information quickly. Many treatments are time-sensitive, and searching through different systems and folders can waste valuable time. A digitized document management system assures that records can be accessed as needed.

Productivity and Accountability Tracking

Healthcare is one area that requires a lot of people to have their hand in the care of a patient, directly and indirectly. It is important to know who is making notes on a patient record and why. It is also important to know that employees within a health care organization are pulling their weight.

With a digitized healthcare document management system, records are kept of who accesses or changes a record. Different levels of access and editing permission can be granted in order to assure that records stay accurate, and individuals can be given the credit or assessed accountability for their role in the process.

Efficient Response to Patients and Providers

How often do we repeat information because we don’t know if it has been communicated or not? This can happen in any area of life, not just as it applies to healthcare, but while inefficiency is simply annoying most of the time, it can waste time in a healthcare situation. If notes have already been made about a patient’s condition, there is no need to repeat the same information, it only needs to be referenced.

This makes it easier for providers to get the information they need as they share patients, and it can help assure that those providers are able to relay important health information, diagnosis, and treatment plans to a patient as they become relevant. It is even possible for different providers to review patient information simultaneously to assure consistency of care.

Handling HIPPA Compliance and Security

Health care information is sensitive information and is protected by the Health Insurance Privacy and Portability Act. This means medical records can’t be public, and records can’t be accessed without consent.

By granting different levels of access, and denying access to those who don’t need to know certain information, having an outsourced document management system helps keep private information private. Also, when records are no longer needed, they can be destroyed securely without risk of private health or financial information getting into the wrong hands.

Reducing Paper and Staying Organized

Staying organized is very important, and paper records are messy. They can easily be misplaced, or they can fall into the wrong hands. Files fall out of paper charts, and it is safer to handle things digitally whenever possible. Besides the safety issue, less paper needs to come off the printer in the first place, as records can be viewed securely on a computer or tablet.

Using less paper is not only good for the environment, but it means less time dealing with paperwork, and more time focused on patients. This can save money and potentially lives.

Why Choose Tab Service Company?

Electronic health records management is the ideal solution for health companies and organizations that seek to improve the workflow throughout their facilities. We work with many businesses like yours, converting paperwork into more usable digital files, capturing survey data and forms information, and printing and mailing efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our document processing team is fast and accurate, understands what you need and adheres to HIPAA guidelines to ensure the security of patients’ sensitive information. Contact us today to learn more about our Healthcare management services.

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