Healthcare Data and Document Management

Medical Data Management Solutions

Tab Service Company, a healthcare BPO company, offers a range of business process outsourcing services to healthcare providers and related industries to increase their workflow productivity and efficiency. We have the knowledge, experience and flexibility to plan and implement your healthcare records management projects in alignment with your organizational goals.

Our healthcare services include document scanning and imaging, patient satisfaction survey processing, forms processing, data capture, digital mailroom and more. These services increase productivity by making information easy to store, access and share, saving you time, money and even office space. We digitize and index patient files, medical records, billing-related documents, insurance forms and more.

Benefits of Outsourced Healthcare Data Processing

  • Important information is organized and easy to use.
  • Digitization ensures security of sensitive documents.
  • High volumes of documents are scanned quickly.
  • Professional data processing is quick and accurate.
  • Equipment produces the highest quality resolution.
  • Wide format document processing is easily handled.

Why Choose Tab Service Company?

Electronic health records management is the ideal solution for health companies and organizations that seek to improve the workflow throughout their facilities. We work with many businesses like yours, converting paperwork into more usable digital files, capturing survey data and forms information, and printing and mailing efficiently and cost-effectively. Our document processing team is fast and accurate, understands what you need and adheres to HIPAA guidelines to ensure the security of patients’ sensitive information.

Need Help Keeping Tabs on Your Data and Documents?

Tab Service Company is your one-stop shop for back-office processing and data collection needs.