Preparing for a document scanning project

March 22, 2013

For paper-heavy offices interested in becoming a digital office, document scanning services can efficiently scan documents so businesses don’t have to, making the transition quick and easy. But before this happens here are some tips to make the document scanning and storage process even faster.


This one seems obvious, but it’s necessary – go through and take out any documents that don’t need to be included in your document scanning project. With strong organizational skills, businesses can know that all documents uploaded are necessary so digital files don’t take space on your computer’s memory, and save money by scanning only the right papers. Additionally, shredding the documents after can also be done more efficiently, knowing that no paper is out of place. During this time, make note of papers that need to be scanned in color if others are in black and white, or vice versa, as well as papers that are bigger or smaller than the rest.


Before starting your document scanning project, make sure you take out all staples or paper clips that may be keeping papers together, unfold folded or dog-eared pages, and remove bindings as well.  Though these can be detected in the scanner, doing this beforehand cuts back on time and ensures that pages won’t be ripped or damaged in the process. For quicker execution, stack papers so they are all in order and facing the same direction. Once scanned, you won’t have to go back and rotate the pages, taking off time for the whole process. This goes along with the “purge,” but when organizing, once stacked, separating all papers with file folders or other markings can also help cut back on reorganizing one documents are scanned.


If scanning fragile documents, keep papers in plastic shields or other protectors. This way, when being scanned, these sleeves and cellophane tape can help the documents look more presentable when being scanned.

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