Document Scanning vs. Document Management: What’s the Difference

July 12, 2023

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In this age of digitalization, companies must stay up to date with the latest software tools to manage their documents. But it’s important to understand the difference between document scanning and document management before deciding which one suits your needs.

Document scanning is the process of converting paper documents to digital ones. On the other hand, document management involves the entire cycle of document handling, including organization, storage, retrieval, and collaboration.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the differences between document scanning and document management to better understand what each of these systems entails and ultimately help you make an informed decision.

Document Scanning

Document scanning is a basic process where a physical document is scanned, digitized, and saved as an electronic file. This digital file is a replica of the physical document that can be stored electronically or emailed.

Document scanning can be done on-site or off-site. There’s a wide array of document scanners on the market, from smaller ones that can handle a few pages at a time to high-volume scanners that can scan hundreds of documents in no time.

While it’s a relatively simple process, document scanning is an excellent solution for companies that deal with vast amounts of paperwork but want to reduce their reliance on bulky, inefficient filing cabinets. Scanned documents take up significantly less space than physical ones, making them easier to store and manage.

Document Management

Document management offers a much more comprehensive suite of services than just scanning. Document management software provides end-to-end control of the entire cycle of document handling, including creating, editing, indexing, storing, sharing, and archiving documents.

Document management software provides a digital database that holds all electronic documents. Every employee can access this database, allowing them to find a required document in seconds. Document management software also allows authorized employees to collaborate on a document, make edits, and see real-time changes.

Document management offers many benefits over document scanning. In addition to the storage and accessibility of scanned files, features such as automated indexing, version control, and multi-user editing can save businesses significant time and effort.

Benefits of Document Management

1. Easy Collaboration and Sharing
Document management software makes it much easier for employees to share and work on documents. Any authorized user can see document changes in real time, reducing communication gaps and increasing productivity by eliminating the need for back-and-forth email communication.
2. Enhanced Security
Document management software offers data protection and control to ensure company documents’ confidentiality. All documents are saved on a central server that can be managed with permissions to ensure only authorized users can access confidential data. Document management software uses advanced encryption methods to safeguard the security of information.
3. Streamlined Workflow
Document management software streamlines workflows by automating the document routing process. Automated routing ensures authorized personnel review and approves documents, reduces turnaround times, and prevents misplaced documents.
4. Compliance
Many businesses are subject to industry regulation and compliance. Document management software offers an audit trail that monitors all document activity, reporting who has viewed, changed, or deleted a document. This level of transparency is essential for compliance and reduces the risk of non-compliance and legal issues.

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In conclusion, while document scanning is an efficient way to create digital copies of physical documentation, document management provides comprehensive and automated document control that offers any business a wide range of benefits.

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