Working with rural customers? Go digital

June 24, 2013

One of the biggest advantages to having a paperless office is the increased level of accessibility that businesses can have with customers. By having documents digitized, companies can easily email information instead of relying on faxing or mailing documents. For companies that work with rural customers, this advantage is even bigger. Rocky Mountain Hospice, a hospice center in different locations in Montana, sends nurses to check on patients in rural areas of the state. While the business once relied on paper records, it made the switch to electronic records, and has already seen the benefits.

Specifically, having information digitized means that patients can see changes in their records in real time. If a nurse is sent to check on a patient 100 miles away, he or she will know the records have been updated to the most recent information, since doctors can provide information from the main office.

“Gone will be handwritten charts, faxes, files and the possibility of lost paperwork,” an article in the Billings Gazette said about the new system. “Electronic charting allows for faster communication and reporting that allows staff to monitor quality measures such as pain and comfort in real time. As data is entered, it can be immediately tracked and audited.”

In order to utilize a system like this one, it’s necessary for a healthcare provider to fully bring all past records up to speed. By partnering with a document scanning service, businesses and organizations can efficiently scan paper to move to a new system in an organized fashion.

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