Why there’s value to updating a business’ database management services

January 13, 2014

Now that your business is enjoying the benefits of an electronic data processing platform, it is also time to establish a plan on when to update the network. It may seem too soon, but at this point, the electronic database has been a part of operations for six months or a year.

It is likely that at this phase of implementation, that the vendor rolled out another round of updates. Organizations that choose to not be proactive in their cyber security efforts may find themselves to be a victim of database security risks.

InformationWeek contributor John Smith explained that the likelihood of a data breach is lessened among smaller companies, but an and-innovation/it-complexity-and-the-mosquito-conundrum/d/d-id/1113400?” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>accumulation of glitches can lead to a “death by a thousand cuts” to a business’ productivity.

“Even as they pat themselves on the back for not experiencing a disastrous outage or security breach, their ability to deliver competitive advantages efficiently will continue to evaporate,” Smith wrote.

Similar to capture management services, which can be set to update cloud-based archives daily, weekly or monthly, business owners can ask data processing companies to look into their network periodically. Depending on how long it’s been since the previous update, these professionals may need to check if any information was stolen by hackers or scammers.

Because these technologies are constantly reinventing the wheel to protect themselves from future theft, it can be a challenge to keep track of updating data management services, but businesses don’t have to do this on their own.

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