Why outsourcing is ideal for kick-starting large digital conversions

June 26, 2014

disorganized paper

As you may have realized going paperless is not typically as easy as it sounds. This is especially true for organizations who are attempting to make the digital data conversion in-house without the proper scanning equipment and software to tackle to project efficiently. It is one thing to use your flatbed scanner or MFP for updating a digital archive but it becomes a whole different story when using it to convert a backlog of months or years of important files.

Most business do not have the infrastructure to host a conversion initiative at high volumes to the degree that third party companies are, which is why many companies are outsourcing data conversion projects.  Here, at Tab Service Company, we have a dedicated staff with extensive experience in the digital imaging industry ready to meet the project’s labor and tech demands. This way by outsourcing the digital data conversion project you won’t have to deal with purchasing appropriate equipment and software, licenses, updates, or either pulling employees off mission critical tasks, or hiring and training temps to get the job done. We are more efficient at completing these projects because it is what we specialize in! It would be extremely difficult for a business to justify purchasing commercial imaging software and equipment for a one time backlog conversion.

The point to drive home is this: If you want to go paperless, and make a paperless culture a part of your organization, you will want to look for the most cost efficient option. The large volume digital data conversions needed to kick-start this shift are best undertaken by third party providers who are capable, fast, and quality driven.

Tab Service Company has been a valued outsourcing partner for businesses in the Chicago-land who are seeking to jump this organizational hurdle. Not only do vendors like us get the job down quickly but they also save you money by eliminating the steep opportunity cost that comes with managing a prolonged scanning task.

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