Why it is important to protect document management services

August 6, 2013

Once a business decides to go through the bulk scanning process with years' worth of physical records, employees need to learn their new document management program. Tasks like searching through the network and updating it with new files should be efforts that everyone within the company can be a part of.

The risk of changing data or forms processing is that without installing cyber security software, these documents are just as vulnerable as they were sitting in filing cabinets.

Working with computers on a daily basis shows the necessity of securing an organization's information technology. Through the efforts of employees who are actively using their digital server, a lot of the heavy lifting is already done, because, the information is readily available online. Installing firewalls and encrypted networks is the first step toward protecting your staff from cyber attacks.

But, is there a business continuity plan in place, in case employees have to work outside the office?

In the past, organizations owned large back-up stations in case the network failed, but that technology is outdated and expensive, according to Small Business UK. Why not consider a  secondary database on a cloud-based document management server? Documents are still remotely secure and all workers can access their workstations outside of the office, in case the power goes out or a natural disaster gets in the way of their responsibilities.

The best part about a cloud-based document management system is that it allows room for flexibility. Updates can be done faster and if a business needs to purchase more room within its server, it is possible. The records manager is no longer limited to the space of the office, and can provide the same services he or she did in the past.

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