Why enterprises can benefit from business processing outsourcing

December 17, 2013

It is becoming increasingly clear that companies are switching from filing cabinets to database management services, but finding workers to manage these new programs is becoming more difficult, according to a survey from the Society for Information Management (SIM).

Because demand is higher in almost every work sector, information technology (IT) employees can choose where they can work and who they want to work for. At the same time, many of these employers are looking for younger professionals, who are in the 20s or 30s, Information Week contributor Kevin Casey explained.

"Most ageism is subtle, often lurking in disguise as a 'culture fit' issue," Casey wrote. "Sometimes, though, it's right out there in the open."

The most ironic thing is 20 percent of chief information officers and other IT leaders said they are and-staffing/what-the-old-guy-brings-to-it-teams/d/d-id/1112941″ target=”_blank”>facing a skills gap. Instead of waiting to find the right candidate, executives can benefit from an experienced data services company.

Similar to professionals who recently graduated college or have been a part of the workforce for many years, these businesses have worked with a wide range of clients who also rely on these services but do not have the capacity to manage them full-time. Instead, business processing outsourcing (BPO) firms periodically come in and manage capture or bulk scanning — saving executives time to train others and money to purchase the equipment to do it themselves.

As the economy becomes more cutthroat than ever, days spent using older technologies that don't apply to today's industry standards will put business owners at a major disadvantage. Until an organization has the capacity and resources to create an in-house IT department, make the most out a BPO provider.

Tab Service Company is a Chicago based company with over 53 years of experience as a data processing service provider.  We provide business with outsourcing solutions for document scanning services, data entry services and mailing/lettershop services.  As a SOC2-approved organization, we apply industry-best practices to our approach with clients.