Why digital asset management is necessary

October 8, 2013

Once a business implements electronic data processes, some executives may assume that their documents are safe from a future cyber attack, but that is not always the case. Similar to storing paper documents, it is equally as important—if not more so—to safeguard digital assets. Here’s why digital management is important.

DAM (digital asset management) consists of many tasks like tracking inventory, categorizing records and sharing this information with the applicable staff members, according to CMS Wire. Doing this on a regular basis will ensure that the database is current and safe from future theft. As John Horodyski writes, “DAM is crucial to success and an effective layer of governance will help create a framework for your company’s unique operations.”

A DAM system should be considered a priority to information technology (IT) departments at all times, especially when they are the most vulnerable. During the government shutdown, many federal agencies have limited their staff, but they allowed their IT workers to continue coming to work to protect their own DAM system from potential hackers.

Each time a file is scanned, it should be labeled with information to ensure it is stored in the appropriate folders for the right employees. In the world of IT, they call it metadata. Neglecting to sort these files with metadata tags can become detrimental and decrease work production for everyone within the company.

The more effort put into the data processes, the better. Strong digital security is essential for all businesses. It is not enough to have a firewall or an anti-virus. Chief information officers (CIO) will have to work with executives to know exactly who deserves clearance. Providing permission to the entire organization poses potential risks.

Properly managing digital assets can expedite compliance requests with clients, local governments and senior staff members. The system will only be as effective as the CIO allows it to be. Enforcing workers to tag and select categories will streamline workflow for everyone who needs to access the paperwork.

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