White Houses announces Big Data will be a part of the first 90 days of 2014

January 28, 2014

The State of the Union address is scheduled for today, and while we should expect a broad number of topics to be covered, the White House already provided the public with some insight on its plans on improving data processes.

We have discussed the challenges government organizations face when they are working toward and-future-privacy” target=”_blank”>utilizing IT capabilities like Big Data and database management services, but the White House hopes to learn how to use this to increase national security.

"It will help identify technological changes to watch, whether those technological changes are addressed by the U.S.'s current policy framework and highlight where further government action, funding, research and consideration may be required," John Podesta, President Barack Obama's Chief of Staff, wrote in a blog post.

Historically, government organizations at all levels struggle to have a strong framework because they tend to purchase large projects, which eventually become out-of-date practices once installation is complete. In the scheme of the internet and other innovations, tasks are no longer operated this way. What does work is taking multiple small bits of data, aggregating them together and then analyzing the information.

Tech businesses in Silicon Valley have been well aware of this, but now the government is all ears. After it saw the magnitude of damage that was caused by Target's data breach, leaked documents by whistle blowers, they too have to see how to "maximize the opportunities and free flow of this information while minimizing the risks to privacy," Podesta added.

The White House's biggest challenge is its deadline: a policy is expected to be written out on these practices in 90 days. Businesses that take the leap of faith to begin digitizing records or implement Big Data analytics know it takes longer than three months to see change fully go into effect.

Thankfully, the White House plans on working with a slew of government officials and technology experts, because doing so will provide them better than insight than completing the task alone. Similarly, business owners who partner with a data processing company have a much more positive experience with their records management system. 

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