USPS delays phase two of consolidating sorting facilities

February 5, 2014

Three years ago, the United States Postal Service decided it was best to begin downsizing its mail and parcel sorting facilities once it became more evident that volumes have decreased. However, USPS announced in its Federal Register to delay phase two of consolidation, which was slated to begin on February 1, 2014.

"The new implementation date [for the Network Rationalization initiative] will be announced by the Postal Service in the Federal Register at least 90 days before it takes effect," the report reads.

USPS's decision to delay consolidation occurred days after the three cent stamp increase went into effect and two months after the holiday shopping season — USPS was widely recognized for getting a majority of its mail and packages sent out on time, while private shipping businesses like UPS and FedEx left some empty-handed Christmas morning.

While these may be signs that the USPS may actually be finding ways to make enough revenue to maintain these facilities, USPS made it clear that it will continue to andards-for-market-dominant-mail-products-postponement-of-implementation-date” target=”_blank”>close under-performing locations. The fact that the USPS did not provide a reason for the postponement is likely going to leave many customers and companies wondering what USPS's next steps are.

During phase one of the Network Rationalization initiative, USPS closed 135 locations between the winter and summer sessions, according to Fierce Government. There are no reports on how many locations will be affected during phase two of consolidation.

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