U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services changes its database management services

September 11, 2013

Under the 2012 National Archives and Records Administration directive, the federal government is working toward digitizing a majority of its records. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will be starting its three-year, $16 million plan later this year, according to its press release. Their initiative starts by data scanning more than 25 million files.

"The [U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services] administers a tremendous volume of documents on a daily basis," Bill Cornelius, vice president of Xerox Federal Solutions explained in the announcement.

Businesses in any industry can benefit from these data processes because information can be updated, shared and accessed much faster than with classic paper copies. Over at the immigration office, workers are in the weeds with sponsorship, green card and U.S. citizenship applications. This project would not have been possible through the support of the Department of Homeland Security.

Because the size of this project is so massive, the records management vendor will have to open another office just to manage the system. Both parties are looking forward to finding additional opportunities for Americans to find jobs in a competitive and demanding market, according to United Press International.

"[Our facility] in Barbourville. [Kentucky] breathes new life into an area of Kentucky that will really benefit from the employment and peripheral business opportunities that typically come with a facility like this," Paul Dole, president and chief executive officer of the Kentucky Communities Economic Opportunity Council, explained to the news source.

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