Affordable Care Act Reporting & Compliance application

September 17, 2015

CHICAGO, Sept. 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Tab Service Company has been a leader in 1099 tax form outsourcing services for decades.  The tax form processing application TSC1099, is a complete cloud-based reporting and compliance solution.  It enables businesses to upload data that is quickly processed, printed, mailed and e-filed at our service center each year. The online application is intuitive,secure, cost-effective and easy to implement. We have expanded the application to provide new Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting for those Applicable Large Employers who have to comply with the requirements.
Photo – In addition to the 1095/1094-C forms the application is also fully equipped to handle the 1095/1094-B health coverage information returns that policy providers will need to distribute and file. We serve as cost-effective alternative to the more expensive solutions offered by ADP or Paychex. These ALEs who employ 50+ full-time and full-time equivalent workers (FTEs) have to track and report items like employee status, coverage offered, affordability, and dependents covered.  They will then have to translate this into Form 1095-C employee statements in the 2015 filing year.  ALEs will also have to deal with converting their data to adhere to new IRS e-file specifications and transmit this using the IRS AIR filing system. Since this reporting is so new, many businesses are scrambling to learn how this will affect them and what solutions are available.  TSC1099 stands apart from most because of its low cost and ability to effectively handle the complex logic behind employee tracking and ACA code generation. TSC1099 System Features:

  • Print, mail, and e-file the 1095/1094 form series
  • Variable Hour Tracking and Reporting
  • Data consolidation into one comprehensive database
  • Electronic Presentment of employee statements (1095-C)
  • ACA compliance consulting
  • 1095 corrections transmitted directly to IRS
  • Very intuitive web application with no software to learn
  • Multiple user environment

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