Trucking industry relies on digital documents

March 8, 2013

Last year, we wrote about a veterinary that relies on paperless documents to keep her practice mobile. This is not just used by traveling medical offices, but by all mobile businesses, such as the trucking industry, can benefit from digital documents as well. 

For truck drivers carrying freight, a paper bill is now becoming a thing of the past thanks to scanning technology. "For in-cab scanning, a driver uses a portable scanner that is plugged into a laptop or a scanner that plugs into the vehicle's mobile communications unit to scan documents," an article in Heavy Duty Trucking explains. "With mobile scanning, a driver uses the camera on a smartphone or tablet to take a picture of the document."

As a result, trucking businesses are often able to receive payments quicker with billing all completed digitally, and other companies that use transportation as a means for business, having documents sent from a mobile or in-car scanner can also cut back on billing times. However, the adoption of most trucking companies to these mobile scanning technologies has been relatively slow and most still rely on paper bills. 

Fortunately, document scanning companies can help mobile businesses use these technologies more quickly, therefore making their business more efficient as gaining profits faster. By outsourcing to bulk scanning services, documents can be digitized so that drivers are able to use these resources quickly and efficiently. With digital documents and scanning technologies, those that typically wait for paper bills can access their funds a few days quicker, a major benefit in a fast-paced industry.

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