Tools to move to a paperless office after a backfile conversion

April 30, 2013

We discussed yesterday the different ways a company can move all of its documents to a digital format. Many businesses with a high volume of files will work with a document scanning service for a full or partial backfile conversion, and then continue to scan individual papers in house on demand.

However, once all documents are scanned fully, there are ways of becoming a completely paperless business. An article for Forbes describes what practices a business can take to keep the number of papers coming in to a minimum after a backfile conversion.

First, author Kate Harrison says, use digital documents within a business so nothing needs to be printed. Tools like Google Docs, Microsoft 365 and Basecamp are all digital platforms that a paperless business can use to collaborate and share ideas online, instead of printing out papers.

This goes for large files as well. With Dropbox and YouSendIt, companies that work with large projects can more easily send these to coworkers or collaborators, instead of turning large binders of printed papers, as typical of the past.

Begin moving to a completely paperless billing system, too. Instead of printing out receipts or receiving bills, set up online bill paying and ask for payments from customers in an electronic form.

Lastly, Harrison suggests setting up ways to turn those documents that do come in on paper to a digital form quickly to avoid another backfile conversion. turns incoming faxes into an email automatically, and applications like TurboScan turn a smartphone or tablet into a scanner, so users can take a picture of a document. By taking paper documents to a digital format as quickly and effortlessly as possible, companies that have scanned all past documents can better keep up with their new paperless office.

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