Tips to create a strong postcard mailing

March 25, 2013

Even though the U.S. Postal Service announced that Saturday mail service would be ending this August, the use of direct mail continues to be used today. In a world where so much advertising is digital, being able to send customers something that can be physically held is not to be taken for granted. Mailing and scanning companies can help businesses efficiently send out postcards to make sure the message reaches customers as quickly as possible. For businesses designing a postcard mailing, here are a few things that you should pay attention to in order to have the most effective advertisement. 

First and foremost, clarity. Make it extremely clear what your business is, and what the message is you are trying to send out. It's easy to try to fit as much information on a postcard as possible, but recipients can get overwhelmed if you're trying to say too much. Instead, pick the main message, whether it be a promotion, a new service or another benefit, and use graphics, bright colors and large lettering to get the message across. 

A "call to action" can also tell postcard recipients exactly what to do in order to gain from your benefits. Tell customers to call your office or go to your website. Otherwise, it's easy for the postcard to be ignored without a specific action to take. 

Lastly, including contact information and a return address can reassure your customers that your company is legitimate and welcomes responses. In addition, with return addresses and Intelligent Mail Barcodes, businesses can make sure that postcards are making their way to the mailboxes, and, if not, save money from sending out lost mail in the future. 

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