The paperless office: just a dream?

April 12, 2013

Decades ago, offices may have expected the transition to the “paperless office” to be in the near future. However, even in 2013, with mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers used by nearly every office, few businesses are fully paperless. So, how much longer will it take?

Adobe released a report in February of this year called “Paper: An endangered species?” found that 73 percent of U.S. managers see the benefits of converting to a paperless office, and the majority say it simplifies work and makes filing and managing documents easier. Additionally, the report showed that more managers said that having password protected electronic documents are more secure than those in a locked filing cabinet, and 68 percent said using paper is old fashioned.

However, even with these views, few workplaces are fully digital, and most would like to see themselves converting to a paperless office in a more complete sense.

For many businesses, it’s possible that the time and energy needed to move paper documents to digital ones could be a challenge. However, with document scanning services, papers can be quickly and efficiently scanned. Not only do these businesses scan the documents, but many can also include indexing and data entry services as well, so all documents, even those with handwriting or large amounts of data can be processed.

Most bulk scanning services have scanners that aren’t found in typical offices. The PSI:Capture, used by Tab Service, has the ability to clean up documents, like by removing hole punches or borders, and can rotate individual documents during the scanning process. Instead of investing in this software for one project, especially since most offices are heading to the paperless world, paper-heavy businesses can instead rely on a third party to reach their digital goals.

Tab Service Company is a Chicago based company with over 53 years of experience as a data processing service provider.  We provide business with outsourcing solutions for document scanning services, data entry services and mailing/lettershop services.  As a SOC2-approved service organization, we apply industry-best practices to our approach with clients.