The Paper War & Increasing Technological Advancements

February 17, 2015

Paper war

The Paper War, a new metaphor that is being tossed around in the office, describes the continuous struggle we have with paper that clogs up offices and slows down processes. The pain-points involved in dealing with paper based systems are well-known and result in loss of productivity, records, and money.  Today, the tactics employed on this front line are rapidly changing due to the increasing affordability and effectiveness of scanning and capture technology. Each year the key tech companies in the capture industry are producing equipment and software with speed ratings that exceed the previous models.  In combination with this we have experienced unprecedented advents in business automation through products like Planet Press, one of the latest paperless office solutions. This technology will actually listen and react to the digital processes that occur within your organization.   Whether it’s a document being sent to the printer, an email being sent or received, an update to a particular folder or a request made to your web server the product will trigger processes that you set up and customize. In order to win the fight against paper we need to better automate repetitive tasks, reduce paper volumes and create workflows that allow for a higher degree of autonomy within our systems. Here, at Tab Service Company these technologies are vital to our document scanning solutions. We track and research these technological advances in order to integrate the latest content management solutions into our service offerings. We can help you implement an automated data capture, indexing and versatile ECM system at your office place. Call today and speak to a Tab Service Company representative about our data entry, content management, and other paperless office solutions. Tab Service Company is a Chicago based company with 54 years of experience as a data processing service provider. We provide businesses with outsourced document scanning solutionsdata entry services and mailing/lettershop services. As an SOC2-approved organization, we apply industry-best practices to our approach with clients.