The many advantages of social collaboration software

May 20, 2013

Any successful business leader will tell you that communication and teamwork are some of the biggest factors behind running a business smoothly, and with social collaboration tools like email, video conferencing and digital document sharing software, collaboration can be done all over the world. But what are the other advantages besides more affordable communication? In a blog post for AIIM, Angela Ashenden, an analyst with MWD Advisors explains why social collaboration tools can help any business.

First, she says, these tools give everyone working digitally a voice. Whereas in a board room or meeting it can be difficult for less-powerful employees to be heard or speak up, when a team is using Google Docs or other document sharing tools, everyone has the same opportunities.

"A fundamental feature of social tools is their open, non-hierarchical approach to collaboration; every user is able to post content, ideas or suggestions, and comment on others' posts, and all content is attributed to the individual who posted it," Ashenden wrote. 

Additionally, these tools help provide information to all levels of an organization, including contact information. This means that work is less likely to be redone, and there are more hands on deck when trying find a solution. 

In order to use these tools, however, companies must also have documents and information digitized. To do this, bulk scanning services can quickly and efficiently bring documents up to speed, so employers are able to take advantage of social collaboration tools as soon as possible. 

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