The Automation of Manual Business Processes in 2014

April 7, 2014


In the year 2014 more and more businesses have turned to increasingly web-centric approaches for dealing with everyday business process management solutions (BPM). Recently passed was the 2014 bpmNEXT convention— a place where business professionals converge to display and speak about current and up-and-coming business process management solutions available. A comment made from Kapow Industries that had resonated through this B2B convention was… “an agile data integration platform that enables organizations to extract and act on critical information from disparate sources, is what will help hundreds of companies automate thousands of manual processes without dependency on application programming interfaces (APIs).” If you are unfamiliar with what application programming interfaces are and why they can be problematic here is some insight: APIs, in simple terms, are sets of requirements that control how applications talk to each other. Yes, APIs make it possible for separate platforms to share with one another however, over dependency on APIs can be negative when the company that offers the API which other platforms share, go out of service.

Such changes are especially crucial in the realm of B2B when the business processes are integrated into web portals, supply chains, front-office documents, and within automating the migration and transformation of content from one content management system to another. “Innovation around big data, cloud, event-driven analytics, case management, mobility and social media are fueling BPM innovation to a degree we haven’t seen in years and the Kapow offering from Kofax is a perfect example,” said Bruce Silver, co-founder of bpmNEXT.

Tab Service Company recognizes the evolving demands of business which call for faster, better, and more agile solutions. With this in mind we continually update and revise our TSC1099 web application and continually add to our service offering menu—recently adding flexible cloud-based content management software — to cater to the changing tech climate. Call today to speak to a Tab Service Company representative to see how we may be able to help automate you organizations manual business processes. Call Today!

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