Tennessee manuals go paperless to prevent errors

May 30, 2013

As more industries turn to paperless solutions, instead of paper-based processes, many companies have seen an increase in security, ability to communicate much more easily and an overall more affordable system with a decline in paper products. But a reduction in errors is another advantage that paper-heavy companies may want to take into consideration. With digital solutions, however, finding mistakes is often much easier, as one local government discovered recently. 

The Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security recently switched from a paper to a digital application process for bus drivers in the state. Instead of physically sending a roster from one office to another, state Troopers can scan the bus driver's physical driver's license to the iPad, and send the information electronically during training sessions.

"With the previous paper-based system, troopers would send the roster and test results to the Division's Nashville office," an article in School Transportation News said. "There, administration staff would manually key the entries into the mainframe.Administrative staff can utilize the web-based component of the application by running reports, viewing and editing records and automatically generating necessary form letters."

The process, the news source said, has allowed the agency to cut back on errors as well as save money. In order to become paperless, however, businesses must also bring all past records up to speed as digital documents. Instead of scanning records in-house, bulk scanning services can both scan documents quickly as well as add indexing and make the text searchable. By partnering with a scanning services, government agencies and businesses can see the benefits of being paperless sooner rather than later.

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