Technological trends and Cloud Computing in US Economy

February 21, 2014

With the rapid growth of the cloud computing market comes the rush to digitize records and documents. What people don’t readily understand is that without a comprehensive document management system/hosting software all of these digitized paper records are really difficult to manage:

Unlimited space usage and custom detail search capabilities among various other functions available in the cloud are missing in paper in-house storage. Cloud computing in the workplace is a giant industry that accompanied the growing numbers of business owners converting to paper free work environments.

This trend is not only pattern but also a visible and sustained growth that is exemplified through events that are currently unfolding in US economy’s technology sector. As reported in Bloomberg BusinessWeek Feb. 06 2013, young companies and already established corporations are both thriving in the niche cloud computing markets.

“…companies have built ever-larger data centers that increasingly tax the ability of staffers to manage them. Two Pacific Northwest companies, Puppet Labs and Chef, are here to help. They’re taking on the likes of IBM (IBM), Hewlett-Packard (HPQ), BMC Software, and CA Technologies (CA) in what market researcher IDC calls a roughly $2 billion business to help companies make all those servers work more efficiently together. On top of that, there’s a growing corporate demand for software that can better manage computer networks or fine-tune a server system that handles terabytes of data…”

Cloud computing technology includes Enterprise Content Management (ECM). This is a software service that Tab Service Company now offers that makes cloud computing in the workplace a reality, no matter the size of the business. Not only do we administratively manage this system and securely host your data but we also support a high-volume document scanning center to get your paper converted to a wide array of image types. The technology we have been afforded in this day and age is allowing us to cut costs and increase work productivity in yet another aspect.


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