Tablets and interactive boards being used by elementary school students

February 28, 2013

It's not surprising that town councils and colleges are looking into using tablets and digital documents during meetings to better share information. But now, this tactic is reaching a younger level since so many elementary-age students have grown up with the technology. That's why all classrooms in both public and private schools of Selma and Dallas County in Alabama  are paperless.

According to the Selma Times Journal, every classroom has an interactive board, or a Promethean Board that teachers use with their lessons. The board can act as a white board or a computer screen, bringing up math problems, maps and other lessons for teaching. In addition, schools have a number of portable computer and iPad labs that can be brought to different classrooms. 

"We try to help our students learn with technology by having students using technology to gather, organize and analyze information and using this information to solve problems," director of the Dallas County Career Technical Center Jerolene Williams said to the news source. "In this way, the technology is used as a tool and teachers and students (not the technology) control the curriculum."

To help students bring the technology outside the classroom, they are able to check out computers from the lab to bring home so all students will be able to complete homework assignments. 

Other schools that may be looking into this technology, or that have already begun the process to a paperless classroom will also need to move all the paper documents to the digital system. To do this efficiently, bulk scanning services can bring all documents up to speed so educators can take advantage of these tools faster. 

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