Study: Working from home yields more productivity from employees

November 27, 2012

Many may find the results of a recent survey by an investment firm to be surprising – remote workers are more productive than those who regularly work from the office. The reasoning why working from home increases productivity is likely that workers often try to connect more with each other when they are not working in such close proximity.

A Harvard Business Review blog post explained that employees  in large offices know they have access to co-workers, but are not motivated to walk to another floor or area of the office, instead using email or less personal forms of communication. When working from home, employees will put more of an effort to contact each other – often more than if they had constant access.

With so many new forms of technology, all members of an office who aren’t physically present are often encouraged to communicate through video conferencing technology, exposing even reluctant workers to new innovations in communication.

Offices are also warming up to the idea of “and-ipads-find-a-role-at-the-office.html?pagewanted=all” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>BYOD,” or bring your own device, allowing employees to bring their own laptop or tablet to work. For many businesses, this allows them to cut back on costs in the office while letting employees work with the tools they know best. BYOD also allows workers to work remotely more easily.

For any office that is hoping to allow employees to bring their own devices or work from home, having digital documents is vital for sharing. For companies that want to make the switch, document scanning services can help bring documents, and offices, up to speed.