Study: Governments can make workers, constituents happy by changing data processes

September 30, 2013

Businesses in any industry can benefit from the use of electronic database management services, but some companies cling onto their paper-based processes because of the lower upfront costs to implement these solutions. Despite the fact that the long-term benefits of electronic services include efficient workflow for all employees and financial savings, some offices have yet to make the switch.

However, governments at the local and state levels should consider these programs because it can make the lives of public sector workers better. Oftentimes, people working in these paperwork-focused positions find themselves overwhelmed at the end of the month, quarter or even year as they complete redundant tasks.

A study from the International Data Corporation found that only 36 percent of government bodies consider themselves effective entities through the use of these data processes with residents and local businesses. This leaves the majority of residents and local businesses dissatisfied with the way operations are run in public offices, about 60 percent of respondents said they would switch to another provider—if they could. 

"Many observers believe governments should try to operate more like businesses, and businesses are clearly committed to improving document processes," Yoshi Sasaki, General Manager at Ricoh Company, told the source. "Although government budget constraints are real, this research proves that investments in improving document workflow, even modest ones, can be substantially recouped through cost savings, retention, satisfaction and increased capacity."

IDC explained that improving office functions can potentially improve the public's view of local government offices and and-happier-constituents-can-result-from-better-government-document-workflow-says-ricoh-225016582.html” target=”_blank”>increase local revenue. Neglecting to do so could potentially cause an uptick of "operational costs," 56 percent of respondents experienced these negative effects. 

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