Study: Executives are unsure if employee records are truly protected

July 23, 2013

Regardless if a business is large, small, private or public, it is imperative to have employee records. It is required by local and federal governments to hold onto information like tax forms and applications, according to Business and Legal Resources, a business publishing company. 

Despite the importance of safeguarding all this paperwork, a study from the Canon Business Process Services indicated that companies are unsure if their databases are entirely secure.

"Our current and previous surveys indicate that companies want their records programs to help mitigate compliance risk, leverage proven technology, and better control their information assets," Cannon Business Process Services chief marketing officer Elizabeth Halaki said in the report.

Out of the 222 respondents of senior executives responsible for organizing their records, 15 percent of them said that their records system had proper storage and eight percent of them completed regular audits.

One way to improve an organization's records management system is getting in contact with a data processing company. These businesses have the tools to scan documents onto a secure cloud. Doing this makes it easier on administrative staff and improve security in a sector that gets neglected.

When it came to destroying records, respondents were more aware of the process. Forty one percent of individuals were confident that their physical records were wiped out in a secure manner, but 22 percent were positive on how their electronic records were taken care of. To avoid compliance and legal action against a corporation, senior staff members should outline a clear records management strategy.

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