Study: Businesses save more from completing services online

August 14, 2013

Every day, companies will fill out invoices for a variety of reasons. Whether it is to finalize an agreement with a new client or to order a batch of office supplies, writing these orders by hand can be time consuming and inefficient.

A report from Billentis, an electronic billing business, demonstrated that departments that choose to manage their invoices on the computer could see a return on their investment in six months. This blog regularly discusses how enterprises can benefit from changing their database management services, but seeing a return on the software within a fiscal year is truly significant.

"As electronic invoicing becomes a mainstream financial activity, CIOs and CFOs need to work more closely together," Nigel Taylor at GXS told Supply Chain Digital.

On top of that, this study is talking about how e-invoicing saved companies 60 to 80 percent of their expenses. Paying for separate expenses like postage, photo copies and printing can be a thing of the past with e-invoicing technologies, according to Business 2 Community. If offices decide to work toward more electronic solutions, they will continue to see a large reduction in office expenses. 

Why stop at invoices if all records can be managed on a cloud-based server? Data capture services allows all records to be stored in a network, and authorized personnel would be able to access it in and outside of the business. Software like this has updated search fields that will help employees find the information they need.

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