Study: 70 percent of businesses use document scan services

August 19, 2013

A bulk scanning service is an effective way for a business to store documents and access records. Whether it is done to archive forms or capture handwriting from older documents, about 70 percent of organizations utilize a scanning service as a part of their daily operations, according to research from the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM).

Staffers that regularly and-Publications/Research/Industry-Watch/Paper-Wars-2013″ target=”_blank”>update their records management system can benefit from information that is regularly indexed and organized. Instead of looking through folders or files, they can immediately scan invoices when they arrive. Once added to the system, employees can safely destroy the information without worrying that details will be exposed. AIIM highlights these advances that departments are making, but the study is also meant to show where there is room for improvement.

Because only 21 percent of companies "use scanners for office tasks but not as a coordinate input to process or archive," this can cause productivity to drop. Employees may end up adding multiple copies of the same paperwork or, waste space on the document management program or cloud-based server.

Organizations that want to implement a scanning service, but do not know where to start, can outsource to a document scanning company. About 40 percent of participants hope that in the near future, they will complete more scanning and data capturing at the beginning to make things less overwhelming in the long-run.

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