Stating the case for data processes

October 31, 2013

Even though more companies and organizations are working toward reducing their daily printing output with electronic document management systems and cloud-based servers to share information, many individuals are still unwilling to let go of their old habits. Recently, a study from Oki Systems found that 45 percent of employees are still printing more than 10 pages per day.

“[I]t’s frustrating to see this wastage when, by taking expert advice from a managed document solutions provider, gaining control and adopting some straightforward measures, organizations can cut their printing costs by up to 30 percent,” Graham Lowes, Oki’s United Kingdom marketing director, said in the press release. 

Part of this is due to the fact that employees are printing personal documents, while others print files for a signature. Executives have the opportunity to decrease waste and increase work productivity with paperless alternatives. When at least 13 percent of printed documents are getting rescanned back into the central database to be archived, it is important for businesses to seriously consider a comprehensive database management service, AIIM explained.

Their study earlier this year found that “many capture systems have been implemented as a single-point solutions, each feeding a single process application,” this issue could be solved with a “standard capture platform feeding multiple applications.”

Making the switch is possible, but it is important to note that these transitions do not occur overnight because of the time that it takes to scan the entire organization’s documents.

Once the switch has been made, it is up to all employees to consistently use the program, so the database has the most up-to-date files. Neglecting to do so can be counter productive, thus hurting the investment in these services and programs in the long run.

Oki recommend businesses that want to explore these new solutions can implement lower paper use requirements for employees, then work their way toward more electronic processes. 

“[A] strategy may involve replacing diverse and ageing printers with new multifunction devices that use less energy and enable paper-free document flow such as scan or fax to email,” Lowes added.

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