Small businesses see value in going paperless

May 1, 2013

When Martin Penninga was brought on as a manager of a family clinic in Alberta, Canada, in 2008 his main responsibility was to increase profits. Soon after coming on board, he realized with their system of paper records, 12 percent of the clinic's budget were going toward administration work. In an industry that relies heavily on records and files, continuing to use a paper system would only expand the problem. 

"I co-wrote a 70-page business plan, recommending the clinic's 100,000 paper patient records that took up a third of the building space, be converted into Electronic Medical Records (EMRs)," Penninga said to the” target=”_blank”>Globe and Mail

After seeing the potential cost savings from a paperless approach, the practice began transitioning to EMR. Even with some challenges – not all experienced doctors were willing to move to a digital system – the clinic was able to gain funding for the new software. This change meant that they could move to a smaller office since there was less need for keeping the paper documents, and could hire office assistants instead of full on administrative staff. Further, with the cost savings, the clinic was able to hire more doctors and nurses to expand its services. 

In all, the number of patients the facility saw moved from 5,800 per year to 7,000, and revenue increased by 28 percent each year.

While this medical clinic had specific requirements to moving to a paperless EMR system, the benefits gained can be seen by other offices, regardless of the industry. By working with a document scanning service, offices can cut back on administrative and space needs dedicated to paper, and instead focus on the business itself. 

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