Simplify school registration with records management

July 10, 2013

In the middle of the summer, the last thing teachers, parents or students want to think about is the upcoming school year. But for administrative staff that have to anticipate fall registration, now is the best time to prepare.

Whether students are relocating from another town or requesting to change schools within a district, parents and legal guardians have to bring along many forms that contain confidential information.

Immunization records, report cards and birth certificates are a few of the many required documents for school registration. However, this current system in place is not the best way to manage these materials. Getting together a records management program will make it easier to see where children are enrolled and what forms are still missing.

Also implementing a bulk scanning service alongside a digital records management system will save local governments a lot .of time from saving redundant information.

"We have to submit reports to the state, and we're checking and rechecking," Jason Jones, director of technology in Stonington, Connecticut told the Westerly Sun. "Plus, it's a big job managing all of that paperwork."

Depending on the state and school district, some registration offices contain data from thousands of students in filing cabinets. Moving these files to a secure database will increase efficiency for registration personnel and the students' families. Doing this allows files to be in one place instead of sifting through information that may or may not be digitized into the server beforehand.

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