Scanning features of the PSI:Capture

March 20, 2013

For many paper-filled offices trying to transition into the digital age, document scanning services can help turn the files into electronic files quickly and efficiently. But in addition to simply scanning the papers, these services, and the scanning products they use, offer a number of other features. In particular, the PSI:Capture model, the document imaging software used by Tab Service Company, includes a variety of scanning options businesses may be interested in as well as, of course, high speed production level scanning.

Overall, the PSI:Capture is a “document capture platform,” or document scanning software. But in addition to just importing documents, the device also has the ability to index and offer quality assurance as well.

For businesses with documents that have written or typed text, with indexing the product has the ability to extract the data and actually read the words with optical character recognition (OCR). Scanned documents are not just images of the papers, but include the actual information and text as well. Since this is done by the PSI:Capture this also adds a level of security while cutting back on human error.

In addition to using indexing for more accurate and better information storage, the PSI:Capture also offers quality assurance. With quality assurance, those scanning documents can look at each individual page to crop, rotate or replace pages if there is a problem. Instead of having to go back through a whole project, this feature allows a quicker and most efficient process.

In general, the document scanning software can also “clean” up the documents, such as by removing borders or three-hole-punch marks, giving the documents that are uploaded the most appealing image.

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