Report: UK government can save £70 billion with database management services

September 19, 2013

More businesses are transitioning from traditional paper records to electronic data processing services to reduce costs while increasing work efficiency. Many American government agencies are working toward transferring many of their documents into a computerized network, but a study from Policy Exchange, a think tank in the United Kingdom found that many of its departments are spending millions of dollars on paper use.

The Exchange found that by implementing these solutions, the U.K. could save up to £70 billion in seven years, which is equal to more than $100 million. Document management software can complete non-core tasks quicker than human beings can and create data reports faster. Once the information is already scanned or inputted into the system, a lot of the heavy lifting is already done for you. 

For example, the Crown Persecution Service would no longer have to waste more than 365 million sheets of paper per year, if documents could be shared over the server instantly instead of waiting for correspondence. About 30 percent of U.K. residents told researchers that their daily workflow would significantly increase if they could complete more of their projects over the computer.

"The web is already inseparable from most people's day-to-day lives and this will only increase in the years ahead," Chris Yiu, Policy Exchange researcher, told StoreTec. "Switching to digital for everything the government does would generate billions of pounds' worth of savings that could be used to cut the deficit or improve public services."

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