Records management works for local police station

July 22, 2013

Overhauling years of information to a digital data processing space can be a lot of work. However, if a business has specific goals in place it can simplify the scanning process. In Williamsport, Pennsylvania, the local police department received funding to update their computer system and install cameras in order to obtain up-to-date intelligence, according to the Williamsport Sun Gazette.

This local community has experienced difficulty getting to the bottom of drug-related crimes. In previous years, the police station record management system was broken and never repaired.

“They haven’t been maintained and some are broken,” Police chief Gregory Foresman told the Gazette. “The new cameras will replace the existing ones and be monitored by staff at the [West Edwin Street] apartment complex.”

Having an updated police station record management system that works with city cameras will gather more details while organizing the data in a time-efficient manner. From there, officers can find traffic patterns of potential transporters.

“It will identify drug houses, dealers’ aliases and names they go by and help us track activities by dealers who arrive here from Philadelphia and other cities,” Mayor Gabriel Campana told the Gazette.

Businesses in any industry should look toward improving how their data is collected and organized. Getting in touch with a data services company will help branches find gaps within their current database.

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