Polish library uses scanning service to preserve ‘Middle Ages’ manuscripts

September 5, 2013

Over time, businesses and organizations will collect a plethora of files, such as contracts and financial statements. However, there are some files like building permits that will never see a trash barrel because it is vital to company operations. In the case of Wroclaw University Library, many of the manuscripts go as far back as the Middle Ages. These documents represent the culture of Poland as well as the European community. 

Through the assistance of a document scanning company, Wroclaw will be able to share more than 800,000 documents to the public that includes maps, prints, music sheets and old hymns, according to Forbes. Wroclaw's restoration project would not have been possible through the assistance of the European Union because these files will take up about 300 terabytes worth of space.

"The Wroclaw University Library's mission is to protect, preserve and ensure broader access to Polish cultural heritage,"Adam Zuerk, head of documentation of heritage department, told India Education Library.

This archived collection will now join the rest of the library's database, which will be a major resource to future educators and students. Anyone will be allowed to retrieve, access and open files of original works by Shakespeare and Cervantes. Businesses can also benefit from these services to preserve years of confidential paperwork. Leaving them in filing cabinets can be dangerous if a natural disaster like a hurricane or fire occurs.

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