Paper is already on the way out for many businesses

July 19, 2013

Without realizing it, the world around us is starting to become paperless, whether we like it or not. Processes that were traditionally handled with pen and paper have been streamlined with the help of a mobile device, cloud computing and document scanning service.

A recent blog post from CTI Image walks through several ways that paper is slowly disappearing from our everyday lives. This included a “no paper checks” sign at a local grocer, car accident reporting being handled by a smartphone application, the rise of digital newspapers and electronic health records at the doctors’ office.

“A recent visit to the doctor for a routine medical procedure had me filling out all the required information on a tablet, not a bunch of paper that was going to wind up in a file folder on the shelf,” Ro Kathuria, the author of the piece, wrote. “Instead I was able to input my medical history, medications, and other pertinent information directly into their EMR/EHR system.”

The piece goes on to say that as more business processes go digital, businesses are going to need to take the legacy information by the horns and move it into the electronic realm. While having a system in place to capture all new data digitally is critical, it does nothing for the boxes and filing cabinets filled with paper records and raw data that could hold valuable information about business trends and improve the consumer experience.

By partnering with a bulk document scanning service, any company can turn old records into searchable information that can be used to optimize any process.

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