One office in the Executive Branch goes digital

July 26, 2013

The Department of the Interior (DOI) announced earlier this month that they will be changing their database management services. The DOI is responsible for preserving American culture, tribal communities and natural resources, according to the organization's website.

Funding for their records management transition comes from the Interior's IT Transformation Initiative that predicts the department will save $500 million by 2020. Staff members will begin using a software linked to their email accounts that will save and manage documents and memos into a secure, cloud server, according to the Business of Federal Technology.

"Every inbound and outbound email, we get a journal copy in our records management system in OpenText format, right into the cloud, and we're the first Cabinet agency to achieve this," DOI records manager John Montel told the news source.

This database will sort about 800 million emails from the DOI's 80,000 users and the program is able to capture and scan file attachments into their respective sectors on the cloud. As of July, the DOI's platform organized over 1 billion messages.

Those a part of the work force will be able to access the department's 4,700 forms and applications in one location. Employees in offices throughout the United States will save time and improve work productivity through these initiatives. Businesses that want to decrease time sifting through years of records in heavy filing cabinets can establish their own cloud-based solution.

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