One county pushing for online-only taxes

May 9, 2013

The city of Boston has been pushing for residents to turn away from the paper tax process and towards a more environmentally friendly and affordable online approach. For both businesses and individuals, submitting tax form online gives payers extra time, and improves security by not having to physically mail in items. In addition to Boston, one county is also realizing the benefits of filing taxes electronically, and is pushing taxpayers that pay property on paper to change their method next year.

According to Pal Item, taxpayers in Wayne County, Michigan that pay property taxes by paper will receive a “Go Green” card that explains how they can file online next year.

Wayne County Treasurer Cathy Williams explained to the news source that the county spent $11,670 this spring to mail back property tax statements, between postage, envelopes and paper. Other issues–such as if a payer had moved without changing their address with the county–can also be avoided by filing online. Williams also said for those that need help, the county can assist taxpayers in enrolling in online billing.

As more taxpayers see the benefits of filing taxes electronically, businesses too can benefit from an electronic system, such as by working with a W-2 and 1099 processing services. These systems are both accessible online and IRS compliant, so businesses can file taxes efficiently by avoiding the earlier deadlines paper systems require, and cut back on costs needed when filling on paper.

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