Norway’s national library decides to go digital

December 6, 2013

Efforts to use electronic data processes has been slower in the public sector than the business world in the United States, but progress has been made through measures like President Barack Obama’s directive and

In other countries, the move toward data capture services has been around for some time and has found success. Specifically, the National Library of Norway is taking this technology and applying to their archives and library books.

This plan is expected to take 15 years, but when it is complete, anyone who visits the National Library of Norway’s website from a Norwegian IP address “will be able to access all 20th century works, even those still under copyright,” the Atlantic reported.

“[All} published content, in all media, [must] be deposited with the National Library of Norway,” allowing citizens and individuals to access the database through a public cloud, the Atlantic reported.

For items that are non-copyrighted, users will be able to download the work straight to their computers or devices for personal use. Norway plans on bulk scanning hundreds of thousands of books to ensure every piece of literature and research is readily available.

This move allows local researchers and students to look through older works that may not be available for checkout because it may serve as a historic artifact. By using data capture solutions, residents will be able to look through more resources than they could in the past.

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